Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness

Each of the three units comprising Health & Wellness Services at CSUMB - the Campus Health Center, the Personal Growth and Counseling Center, and Student Disability Resources - strive to assist members of the CSUMB community in achieving and maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Campus Health Center

The Campus Health Center (CHC) provides urgent, primary, and ancillary care (including occupational medicine), as well as referral services to students, faculty, staff, their dependents, and guests of the CSUMB community. The staff of medical professionals is dedicated to meeting patient needs and promoting wellness and independence. More information about the Campus Health Center can be obtained by visiting their website at:, or by calling (831) 582-3965.

Health Promotion: POWER Peer Education Program

The Peer Education Program utilizes a peer-based harm reduction approach to promote healthy living among students at California State University Monterey Bay. Peer Educators present dynamic, interactive workshops to their CSUMB peers and conduct outreach activities that encourage responsible lifestyle choices by increasing awareness and correcting misperceptions about various health and student life issues. 

Personal Growth and Counseling Center

The Personal Growth & Counseling Center (PGCC) is dedicated to improving the quality of CSUMB students' lives and aiding them in achieving academic success. The multi-disciplinary staff are committed to the development of the whole person and provide high quality crisis intervention, counseling, consultation, educational outreach programs, support programs, and referrals all designed to help students. More information about the Personal Growth and Counseling Center can be obtained by visiting their website at:, or by calling (831) 582-3969.

Campus Chaplaincy & Spiritual Support

CSUMB Campus Chaplaincy provides service through spiritual support to students, faculty and staff of CSUMB. Pastoral care is available for individuals and the campus community, interfaith and interdenominational resources, and support to faith-related clubs, programs and events at CSUMB. CSUMB Chaplains serve all students, faculty and staff regardless of religious tradition or denomination.

Student Disability Resources

Student Disability Resources (SDR) promotes the empowerment, wellness, and full integration of students with disabilities into campus life and the campus community. The staff provide academic and personal support services to students with disabilities in order for them to attain success at CSUMB. More information about Student Disability Resources can be obtained by visiting their website at:, or by calling (831) 582-3672.

Integrative Health Approach to Services

The staff of all CSUMB Health and Wellness Services departments embrace the concept of "integrative health", by emphasizing the partnership between the student and the health practitioner in strengthening one's overall well-being. Alongside the concept of treatment, the broader concepts of prevention and health promotion are paramount.